Website Design & Development Portfolio

Chris Harris

Photo-based Artist, Medina, WA

I built this dynamic and responsive portfolio site for Christopher Harris, photo-based artist in ExpressionEngine®.

This site has a responsive layout that adapts to any screen size to present the content optimally for every user.

The home page features a carousel of featured work from the photo portfolio. Chris decides which images feed to the home page by setting a Status to 'featured'. The slides can be controlled by touch screen technology.

His photography portfolio allows the user filter the results by category and use of the Tag module allows Chris to organize his images dynamically as they evolve.

An image re-sizer add-on sizes and optimizes photos to download quickly on the web and also allows those with large monitors to see very large version of the images in overlay lightbox slideshows.

The photo blog will allow Chris to blog about his process and other works of interest with the ability to automatically produce slideshows with the Matrix add-on.

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